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Mandatory Statewide Electrical Licensing will go into effect April 1, 2013

Applications for six new electrical credentials that become effective April 1, 2013, are now available for download. S&B will begin giving exams for the three that require exams in May, 2011, in case someone wishes to get the credentials early. The other three credentials involve apprenticeships. See all


electrical credential applications. See all S&B credential applications. See more information, including code language involving new electrical credentials.

Lighting Plan Submittals No Longer Required

Effective immediately, Safety Buildings Division's Commercial Building Program will no longer require the submittal of either emergency egress lighting plans or lighting energy conservation plans to our agency. Instead following are revised expectations:

Emergency Egress Lighting

-Building designers shall provide at the project site an egress plan showing where exit lights and emergency egress lighting will be required for new buildings, additions and alterations that create new egress paths. Effective July 1, 2012, this egress plan shall be included with the building plan submittal to our agency. In addition to the egress plan at the jobsite, there shall be emergency lighting cut-sheets, calculations or other means to show compliance of the installed fixtures. Local inspectors may request additional information.

Energy Conservation

–Building designers, electrical designers or electrical contractors shall provide fixture layouts, fixture cut-sheet, energy calculations or other documentation at the project site.

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fixture layouts, fixture cut-sheet, energy calculations or other documentation at the project site.

These changes are the result of observed, improved compliance in lighting designs and installation since we instituted a temporary enforcement emphasis several years ago. We appreciate the efforts of designers, contractors and code officials to allow these changes. These changes will allow our agency to re-order our priorities as building plan submittals increase this year.

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